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Talking About Their Experiences At Vasal Hospital

  • “Dr. Vasal was very professional, a good listener and provided me with excellent service for my medical condition.”

    Rajvinder Verma
  • "Positive overall with partial knee now at eight week’s post-op. Got through physical therapy. Have better balance with neurological problems because knee swelling reduced the healing effect of living. With the swelling cut, good things may happen. Life is good, thanks".

    Sunil Sharma
  • "Great Doctor and staff, care were five stars before and after surgery! Results of the operation were better than I expected! My mobility is back, and I do not have to use a cane to get around! Could not be happier with my results! Thank you to the Doctor & Staff!”

    Gurmeet Kaur
  • “All staff and doctors have shown me such professionalism thought my appts and surgery. I mainly felt that the pre-op appt and day-surgery were very informative. Nurses and Doctors we’re kind and explained what was happening every step of the way.”

    Kuldeep Singh
  • “The office appointments were quick and on time. My surgery recovery was as expected. Dr. Vasal and staff were professional.”

    Rahul Gupta
  • “This has been the most comfortable surgery I've ever had, not that I've had many, but just saying. The doctor and staff have been great, and there have been no surprises, which I like. ”

    Sohan Singh

Our Packages


Cardiac Gold Package

ECHO, TMT, ECG, Lipid Profile, CBC, Creatinine, X-Ray Chest, Urine Routine, Rbs


Cardiac Basic Package

ECHO/TMT, ECG, Lipid Profile, CBC, S. Creatinine, X-Ray Chest, Urine Routine, Rbs


Cardiac Consultation Whole Body

Cardiac Package, LFT, RFT, Thyroid Profile, Urea+, USG Whole ABD


Cardiac Consultation Diabetics Package

Sugar(F/PP), Urine Sugar(F/PP), Micro Albumin Urine, HBAIC, Lipid Profile, S. Creatinine, ECG, USG, KUB

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